Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

If Men Could Menstruate/Gloria Steinem/pg.254-55

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Witty and intelligently, Steinem is able to take a twist on the saying, “If only men knew what it was like…” most women have uttered in the monthly annoying, painful, dreaded time where we experience something men never would. Steinem poses the idea of how the world would be if the tables were turned; media, politics, social lives, even “street guys” as Steinem says would be different. Conversations would be different, even the world of feminism would do a 360. And as funny as the article was, I completely agree with what Steinem is saying; its completely funny and sarcastic, yet serious. And it is strange to think how we as females are taught to conceal this monthly thing we all deal with; and yet how the media exposes our feminine products (like pads, tampons, yeast infection medicines, etc) in commercials that makes it seem like we have all these hygienic problems to take care of constantly- yet rarely do we see anything remotely similar for men. Thus, the overall view is to be grossed out by something entirely natural and unstoppable (though, we all wish it was stoppable). Its entertaining to me because on numerous occasions I have come to the realization that if men could menstruate we would see just how low their pain tolerance is. Men could never deal with it, and maybe its natures funny way of realizing that and knowing females were much stronger beings and could withstand it.

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