Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Some Like Indians Endure/Paula Gunn Allen/pg.211-12

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This poem of comparison of two different “types” of people was very interesting. Gunn Allen took the idea of relating lesbians, or dykes as she uses, to Indians. I thinks he chose to use the word ‘dyke’, which is a little more on the offensive side to be on the same level as the word ‘indian’ may be somewhat offensive to those of Native American descent. It was a strange and different comparison she was able to connect yet it said a lot. The idea that they both traveled in tribes, ran out of land to stay,  had to constantly find new places, how they shared terror and fear, hatred, etc. Gunn Allen presents the idea of lesbians enduring similar battles living on earth as the the Native Americans did; although, a bit extreme to me, I understand her point-and maybe she wanted to exaggerate it to fully drive home her idea. She ends the poem saying how the dykes will stay, like the Indians, because “the moon remembers”; believing that no matter what or how much a group of people may go through, they will still survive it. It was an interesting take on views, and maybe a little hard to interpret, and possibly a bit too exaggerated for me as well.


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