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If Men Could Menstruate – Gloria Steinmen

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WOW! What an amazing article. This truly shows that men, no matter what they are faced with, will try to be the macho, manliest, most masculine. Steinmen portrays this by showing how men would brag about menstruating, treat it as if it was such an amazing thing if they were the ones going through it. Even going as far as trying to forgo other men on the length and flow of the menstruation.

This I found very hilarious in ways. Men often look at menstruating women as gross or claim that we are bitches when we are on our periods. I never truly thought of how a man would perceive having a period. I think that Ms. Steinmen portrayed their reaction to their own menstruation (if possible) very accurately. It is funny how men can be one way but we must be another.


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