Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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If Men could Menstruate/ Steinem

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If Men could Mentruate is about what and how things would be if men had a menstrual cycle. The author Gloria Steinem talks about how men would act differently if they had a cycle. She talks about how it would be a “boast-worthy masculine event.” They would enjoy having a period because they would compete to see who has the longest cycle. They would make a big deal out of it and it would give them perfect reason to think they are the dominate ones.

I enjoyed reading this article because Steinem makes some really good point on how things may be if men were to menstruate. I believe that men would be big-headed about the situation and really think that they are in control, but what about the cramps? Would they enjoy having cramps and bloating like women do? I personally don’t think they would like that as much, but then they may take that pain and make it out of some crazy masculinity thing for who can handle the most pain. I think it would be great if men started to menstruate just so they can understand how we feel…

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