Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

If Men Could Menstrate-Gloria Steinman

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This article was one of my favorites that we have read all semester. The thought of men having a period and being “emotionally unstable”as women are called during their visit from mother nature is hilarious to me. The way she says that if men had a period they would brag about “how heavy” and “how long” their flows are. The way they would say that only men bleed for their country! That women couldn’t bleed for their country.

Another part of this  article that I was extremely fond of was that they put men in the shoes of woman. Most of the topics that we read about are talking about “if women were in men shoes” and everything we could accomplish if we were given the same level of respect and admiration. This different outlook on how women experience something that they try to hide or be quiet about but if men would have it they would not try to hide it they would find a way to brag about was enjoyable to me.

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