Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do For Love/Rose Weitz/pg.266-277

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Weitz makes interesting points in her writing What We Do For Love; before reading this, I can’t say I ever thought that doing my hair,be it brushing it or not brushing it, is a reflection of my love life. Its funny that the hair flipping that women do, naturally or flirtatiously is so deeply analyzed. The analyzation is interesting, but it gets to a point where it may be too analyzed for me. However, Weitz talks about how in some abusive relationships how the men have cut off women’s hair to feel powerful, like they can because its something that belongs to them, that they have control over; its interesting because many women and girls I have met, have done things to their hair because they know that their significant other likes it. I am sure we could all say at one point we may have worn our hair in a certain fashion while being taken out for a date knowing that the boyfriend has in the past commented, saying that he likes our hair in that certain style. And when women get complimented for something, or rather anyone, they more than likely do whatever it is that person complimented on more often. I think the human race just wants to be loved, however it definitely may be more of a female thing in the ways that we do it like the control of our hair, clothing, etc. I also can say there have been times that when I feel like I have control over nothing in my life, like my workload, papers to write, drawings to draw, I dye my hair because its something I get to do, something I have control over-however, i can’t say I have dyed my hair for a boy ever- the way ive always seen it is my  hair was the one thing that i could do whatever i wanted to, no one could tell me what, and if it messed up, got cut too short, its the only thing that could grow back, or go back to the way it was before, much opposite from any other decision in life.
Weitz’s article was fascinating though. I will now look differently at people’s hair tendencies.


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