Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do for Love/ Rose Weitz

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In What We Do for Love, Rose Weitz is showing us how “hair” is so important for women and helps many times for relationships. This passage has a lot of truth to it that I 100% agree with and of course some that I do not. The fact that Weitz has brought it to our attention that hair is such a big deal to women and relationships is interesting because I never thought of hair as a matchmaker, but if you think about it, it truly helps. In this passage hair is extremely important to everyone. Hair can make someone attractive to another. The “flip” attracts the eye of others which could help spark something between two. In some cultures hair is very important. My nieces are half white half Puerto Rican and in their family hair is extremely important. All the girls have beautiful glistening long brown hair and it would never be any different. Now for me I am naturally a strawberry blonde whose hair looks horrible dark, I HAVE TRIED! When the author states that 51% of women dye their hair blonde to be pretty or sexy I find that entertaining. I highlight my hair blonde because that is the only color that looks good, if I could wear dark hair I would. I find darker hair more intriguing and sexy so I guess that opinion changes by the individual. Hair has a huge focus placed on it. For it to look great and perfect, this is something I ever thought about!


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