Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do For Love by Rose Weitz

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“What We Do For Love” by Rose Weitz is about the different things women do to their hair and what they mean. More specifically what their hair styles mean in terms of attracting men. Many women feel like their hair is one of the few things they can control. They can’t control if others find them attractive, but women feel like if they do their hair the right way they can make themselves attractive.

A problem I had with this essay is that it is extremely heteronormative. So much of it is focused on women trying to please men as if there aren’t any woman who like to please women. Another issue is that this essay is much longer than it needs to be. It drags on. I did not enjoy this article because I feel like it didn’t relate to me. I have short hair and I’ve had it for years, so hair flipping isn’t something I can relate to. Although, when I see someone attractive or want to look nicer I mess with my bangs and make sure they are straight. I have no “hair flip envy.” When, I fix my bangs I also smooth my skirt and things like that. My hair doesn’t affect me as much as this article makes me feel like it should. My hair is short, but not to make some statement about men. I’m just lazy and short hair is easier to take care of. Long hair only gets in the way for me. I dye my hair, but not to make some kind of statement. My natural hair color just has a tendency to look greasy when it’s healthy and I feel like my black hair looks better with how pale I am.


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