Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do for Love//Weitz

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This article talked a lot about the power of hair. The way women try to attract men with hair styles, the way men try to control their girlfriends/spouses through hair, the way women gain control back from the men with hair and many more ways that hair affects the lives of women and men. Hair affects life in ways that most people would never imagine before.

This article was interesting to me because I never really think about hair. I had long hair for many years, but I simply thought it was annoying. I decided it would be easier to chop it all off than have to worry about my hair every morning. This lack of caring about hair has affected my life in many ways. My roommate and I regularly watch America’s Next Top Model together, and week 3 of the show is make-over week. Almost every season, one of the models gets almost all of her hair chopped off, and that model usually cries and is upset. I always thought it was strange because I chopped all my hair off, and it made me happier. However, these women always seem sad. This article showed me how important hair actually is. I still don’t like hair, and I don’t want to grow mine out to have to deal with it. But I now see why other people think hair is important.


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