Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We do For Love- Rose Weitz

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In this article Weitz explains all the measures that women go through to be “appealing” and “desirable” to men. She explains that a woman who is a  beautiful waitress will probably get more dates than a woman who is a successful lawyer. I think this article shows how men base their romantic relationships on how others will think of their women. Men want their friends and colleagues  to be jealous of having such a beautiful girlfriend or wife. Women are the same as well. Women generally look for a man that they would want their children to look like. Maybe all relationships start with shallow intentions.

The idea of women changing their hair color and haircut to get a man’s attention seems realistic. Many women dye their hair because they are frustrated with their love life and think changing their hair color may help them get noticed. Women also do the infamous hair-flip in hopes that a man will notice them. The hair-flip is one of the oldest tricks to pick someone up in the bar. Women use it as a silent way of saying “I’m available”. In a world where people use silent tricks to get attention, are we ever really heard?

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