Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do For Love/ Weitz

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“Hair plays a central role in romantic relationships, from start to finish.”

In this article, the main point is how much of an impact hair has on our romantic relationships. Rose Weitz starts off by explaining how Rapunzel’s life completely changed the day her prince climbed up her beautiful, long, blonde hair. To me this insinuates how influential having good hair really is. From the moment we meet someone, our physical attributes are the first things noticed. One thing that is changeable is our hair. If our face isn’t as beautiful as we would like it to be, oh well! There isn’t anything we can do to change that. However, we can dye, cut, grow, change our hair in any way we want to make ourselves more appealing. The hair flip is a very big attention getter when it comes to trying attract a man whether it is conscious or unconscious. Many women say they use to hair flip every chance they get, and others do it without meaning to and still get attention. Black women feel aggravated with this tactic because it’s hair for them to grow their hair and they are jealous, even envious of other women’s hair. One woman explains that she can’t run her fingers through her hair and then it gracefully fall back into place, and that makes her mad. She almost regrets her “natural” hair. When it comes to blondes, women can either get a negative or positive response. Of the 51% of women who dye their hair, 40% dye it blonde. Some women are treated as “dumb blondes,” or “easy” because of the American icon, Marilyn Monroe, while others attract the most attention from men because blondes supposedly have more fun. Lastly, our hair in  intimate relationships plays a big part. Weitz explains women who have long hair can use it as a tool to caress her partner. Playing with and brushing our hair is a way for a man to express his affection without putting it into words. After reading this I agree with what Ms. Weitz says, hair is an important factor when it comes to relationships.


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