Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Chapter 6/ ‘Sterilization Process’ section/pg. 308-309

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Before reading this small section on the female sterilization process, I was pretty ignorant to any of the processes that existed and what exactly they did. I am not sure if this is because my young age, lack of knowledge on this subject, or if this idea that woman also have the the right and opportunity to processes of sterilization or not is so hush-hush through media, magazines, etc. that i was made unaware. Although I was aware of the hysterectomy procedure  is, I assumed it was always later in life that women had but no choice to make such decisions medically. I have heard of the term ‘getting your tubes tied’ but I wasn’t sure if it was the same as the hysterectomy procedure or just simply a saying. Its odd becuase the procedure for men to no longer have children is not really frowned upon, and is a lot less hushed. For, I was aware of a vasectomy before I clearly knew what sterilization processes were there for women- and I’m a girl, so I am almost appalled with myself. However, I still am wondering if this how most girls feel; is this ignorance to what choices we have for our bodies  because its not talked about? Because its not “acceptable” for us to know or have these rights? I think it may be.
Also, while reading I came across the term ‘eugenics’ and the text explains it as a belief and social practice that certain races and classes, certain groups of people, have more of a right to reproduce than others. I never thought such small minded people oculd  exsist in the world, but its odd to think that some believe they have more of a right to make a family than others. Thus, the other side of the women sterilization process comes to play. Some women have been sterilized against their will, without their consent. Poor women, colored women, or mentally retarded women, have been some people more targeted. They would be forced to sign for consent or told that they were having a differnt procedure; although forced sterilization is now illegal, “…problems still remain”.


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