Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Designer Vaginas/ Davis

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This article was almost uncomfortable for me to read. I’m all about women “knowing their bodies” but when it comes to having surgery on their vaginas because they don’t think they have a cute vagina, that’s pretty ridiculous! In my opinion, women shouldn’t have to undergo painful surgeries just so they feel like they have the ideal vagina. One woman goes on about a woman who is in an article in Cosmopolitan magazine, explaining how she feels insecure because of her abnormally long labia that shows through her clothes. There was apparently a vivid picture of this because the woman reading this article looks up and says, “My God, she’s tucking in her labia!” I thought that was very extreme.  Instead of being encouraged about how beautiful our bodies God has given us are, we are constantly given a standard that we have to live up to. Now even our vaginas aren’t good enough? I think that sucks! To me, our private areas are sacred and tampering with them is out of the question.


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