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The Business of Being Born

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Wow, I was kinda skeptical at first about what this movie was going to be like, but I can honestly say that it had my attention from start to finish. I don’t do very well with the shows on television about babies & birth, but this was very educational and interesting. If I ever reconsider my decision about children, I might actually think about a home birth. It appeared so relaxing and less intense and scary as a cold hospital with lots of cords, tubes, and unknown doctors and nurses shouting orders.

The film also made some good points and provided some information I would have never heard. I had no idea that their was any other choice than a hospital, and home births were emergency cases that occurred when there was no time to get to a hospital or no way, like an outdated unsafe method of birth. Thanks to the film and Ricky Lake, I found out that even today, home births are very common in other countries like China and Europe. The United States has the highest rate of hospital births, women schedule their deliveries and even tummy tucks afterwards. It seems like women have lost their way in this matter and don’t research this matter, which they should. I’m sure most women are like me, thinking that the hospital is their only choice. Drugs, doctors, and C-sections are the way to go.

The Business of Being Born made some good arguments against United States hospitals. Doctors are almost made to be the bad guys. They don’t give women any choices or options for their births. They limit the time they are in labor, almost like “get them in” and “get them out”! They also automatically resort to giving moms drug after drug to numb the pain and blur the experience. Doctors don’t let women do their jobs, and let their bodies do what they are made to do naturally. Basically doctors do so much unnecessary intervention, just to make money and get the ball rolling so they can call it a day. Of course there are some cases that women are forced to have hospital births. Not every pregnancy is normal and some things must be helped by doctors. Although, if everything is normal and you still choose a hospital birth, doctors need to stop with all the drugs and needles to get labor started in a hurry. Let women be comfortable in their rooms and take their time to really enjoy/get a feel for labor. When doctors numb the experience by c-sections, the mothers really don’t get the full experience. The baby is taken from them and then whisked away by nurses. There is no initial bonding time between mother and baby in those first few minutes, and I believe that is really important.

I really liked the set up of home births. Rather than just being another women in a room having a baby. You get one-on-one time with the midwife, who really cares if you have a good experience. She devotes her time to you, doesn’t hurry you, and calms your nerves. Plus midwives offer post natal care and are certified to give oxygen and any kind of medication or post labor stitches/care. Another big bonus to a home birth other than being intimate, is that it’s much cheaper! Why pay high dollars to have a rushed hospital birth and be just another number, when you could pay less than half the price and get real care without the hospital setting in the safety and comfort of your own home?

I’m so glad that Ricky took the time to research this for women across the US. We should have more options and complete control and choices for our bodies. I feel like birth has become another commercialized and modernized event. Being able to say you birthed your child the au natural way in your own home is certainly an accomplishment. Our bodies are amazing and can astonishing things when they need to if we just allow them to.


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