Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do for Love/ Rose Weitz

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Weitz in “What We Do for Love” explains just how important hair can be in relationships. She begins with the “hair flip” as a way to catch a man’s eye. In the same spirit women style and dye their hair. Weitz explains that women who are athletes, African American, disabled, or overweight often depend on their hair style “to make them seem more feminine and attractive.” She also goes on to say that “once we are in a relationship, hair can bring pleasure to our partners and ourselves.” However this can turn badly if the partners think that other’s hair is solely for their own pleasure. Weitz also explains that “we can use our hair to proclaim our independence…”.Hair can also serve as a clue to what a person’s personality is like. All in all hair can serve a huge role in many aspects of life that most don’t seem to recognize.

Something that struck me in this article is when Weitz talks about how girls learn the importance of the attractiveness of their hair. Women spend so much time fixing their hair whether to impress men or to make a good impression; it is “reinforcing the idea that appearance is central to female identity.”These ideas are then subconsciously passed down to our children. I like the idea that Weitz suggests to mend this problem, she suggests that we don’t reinforce concerns about appearance to girls “through such actions as paying for modeling lessons or arranging birthday parties at hair salons.” I feel that this is an important step in changing the way younger girls look at themselves so that they don’t put so much importance on their hair/appearances, but rather gain confidence through achievements that they have.

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