Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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What We Do for Love / Rose Weitz

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     In this article, Weitz writes on the incredible significance of women’s’ hair not only for men but also women themselves. The ”hair flip” descriptions from her students explained the different ways in which women consciously, or unconsciously, flip their hair for the attention of men. Ugh. Also, Weitz goes into detail of the different types, race and disabled/overweight, of women and how they feel about the importance of their hair. From cutting, to coloring, even covering, hair is quite obviously significant in today’s societies worldwide.
     Eh.. I enjoyed this article but for the most part found myself thinking, “Really? women flip their hair (with much thought, planning, and effort) to get men’s attention??” I may have done so in elementary or middle school, but most certainly have not felt that I needed to do the ‘hair flip’ to get anyone’s attention. I do perfectly fine getting attention, both good and bad, on my own whenever I voice my opinions. I did, however, thoroughly enjoy the section on color. I do admit that in the past I have colored my hair several different colors for different attitudes I wished to express. AND I SUCCEEDED! So, for the most part I believe this article, “hit the nail on the head” when pertaining to the topic of hair in relationships.


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