Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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The Buisness of Being Born

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Unsanitary, dangerous, disgusting and uncessary was the thought that I had of home birthing because of my of until wathcing “The Business of being born ” This documentary was about the Pros a home births or Clinic births from a midwife. A midwife is a healthcare professional that is trained specifically in the labor and birthing processes during female’s pregnancy (a human of course).Midwives have neem delvering births for cenuturies ,without the high technology that we have today, but with smoothing motivational conversation, a hot towel and water and the allowance of time.

The critics of the type of method , the cons,are saying that it is unsafe for a home pregancy is something going wrong during the pregancy , as of loss of mass amounts of  blood, a person may not be able to rush the patient to the hospital fast enough . They believe that the midwives should leave it up to the docters and their techonolgy ,becaue of the low-risk of injury to mother,child , or both.These vary reason is why I believed that a birth should have be tooken place at a more professional facitlity. But as he same as the Doctors have thier reason for ” against”, the Midwives have their reason “for” . The Midwives side of the field believes that a doctor will not aftually bond with the patient, just  in and out situations.And because of these in out sitautions, the birthing process of babies is rushed, quickly injection of numbing medicine and female hormones, there is a higher risk of non- needed C-section (the cutting of the lower abmdomen to recieve the baby).The midwives believe that through vaginal birth ,both chemically (because of the horomes that are released when delivering a child) and phsycially ( because the mother feels a sense of  indepence for delivering an actual child.

AFTER WATCHING THIS FILM, I say I never would believe that i would have so much positivism to say about this birthing at home process and the usage of Midwives.Watching this film eduacted me on how cheaper it is , hospital pregnancy’s ranging from 8-10,000 dollars, while home pregnancies with full attention of a midwife and her ‘little,but important” supplies,3,000 – 5,000 dollars, the less pain because the midwives are not trying to force the procedure, just go with the flow techniques and deep breathing, and the determination of making sure that the baby is delivery nice and healthy bonding moment between the mother and the child should have.

Even though I would most likely in the future try and have my wife in the hospital,I could be easily persuaded to having a home pregnancy  if my wife decided to use that option. I do however beleive that there should be an increase in Mid-wife  delivery because they  actually try and connect to the women for a easy smooth delivery


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Hello,My name is Caleb Smith and I like to tell jokes (allll the time),listin to music to get my day started , and I am the only Male in my Women Studies class hahhahaha ,but I am actually enjoying it.

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