Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

The Business of Being born

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In class this week we a movie called “The Business of Being Born, this movie was about different women making the choice to have their baby in a hospital or at home with a mid-wife. The question is still a toss-up and that is which procedure is the best way to have a baby at home with a mid-wife or at the hospital with all the doctors. I’m not going to lie when first started watching the movie I was saying I would have a baby at a hospital, but after watching this movie its making me feel different about the mid-wife nurses. However, the movie did provide scientific evidence that claims that homebirths is the best for most normal vaginal births. The one is, the women would be in an environment that she knows and she can make her own choice. The second one is it’s a better experience for the women. The reason I say that is because they feel that the mother has a better attachment with her baby when having it with no medication or anything. The last reason is there is no medication involved with this choice. They say that the medication that they give the mother while she is in labor or her contractions are coming alone is what hurts the baby. It causes the baby heart rate to speed up and it makes the mother’s contractions alright for her but the baby now is experience the contractions. On the other hand, this film had different argument about homebirths and hospital births. The first argument was about the homebirths, different people on the movie had their own opinion about homebirths. The first one was they didn’t think mid-wife’s had the right and enough materials for if something went wrong with the mother or the baby. For example, if the mother was to lose too much blood while she was having the baby or if the baby would have come out not breathing, what would they do? In addition to that the film also brought up different arguments about hospital births as well. One of them was the women can’t have their baby like they want (by saying this I mean C-section or vaginal birth), to much medicine for contractions to kill of hurt the baby, and the mother doesn’t have that attachment to her baby sometimes because she had to do a C-section. Also the last thing is some of the people that were interview for this film said that at the hospital whether you’re in labor or not they are trying to their best to get you in and out. Which mean they are not worried about the baby’s health or mothers. The last thing I want to talk about is what I think about the film. This film was very interesting and helpful. It lets you know what really goes on during a homebirth and hospital birth. The film lets know which one is better for you as well. My overall opinion about the movie is I enjoyed watching the film; it informed me about a lot of things I had no clue about.

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