Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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The Business of Being Born

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When we started watching this movie, I can honestly say that I was less than thrilled.  However, this movie was actually very insightful, and it changed my ideas about childbirth.  Before I have always thought that having a C-section in a hospital would be the best way to go, but this video has made me rethink this idea.

This video did seem very pro-home-birth, and before we watched this video, I did not even realize that people still did that. However, there were some parts of this movie did actually provide some scientific data to demonstrate the benefits of home-birth. For example, it discussed the way that having a home-birth is actually safer for the baby and the mother.  However, our society is focused on the next new medical treatment and the way that gets the hospital the most money.  Because of these desires to  have the newest treatments and the most efficient way to spend time, American society ignores the safety precautions because the doctors say “it’s for the good of the baby.”  More often than not, the doctor gives the mother drugs that she does not necessarily ask for and that are not helpful to the baby. Multiple times in the video, the idea of the doctor coming in to save the day with a Cesarean section that could have been avoided by not giving the mothers the medication they did not ask for.

Many women are also just choosing to have Cesarean sections instead of a opting for a vaginal birth. The idea of being “too posh to push” is something that has taken over the ideas of the minds of Americans. However, most of the women that choose this idea do not realize that having this Cesarean section is actually a major surgery. Our society treats it as something that is to be taken lightly. This is not beneficial to our society and specifically the mothers in our society.

One of the other things that surprised me in this video was the infant mortality rate compared to other countries.  The United States is one of the leaders of medicine, and our society has used this to change simply procedures from simply biological activities into things that require major surgery and doctor’s care. This change seems like it should help our society have healthier babies because we have so much more medical care, but in fact, the opposite is true. Our country has a higher infant mortality rate than countries that still use midwives.

This video answered many questions I did not even know that I had, but there are still some questions that it left unanswered. The video brought up the idea that mothers who birth their children via C-section bond less with their children than mothers who give birth via home-birth. As a C-section baby, I wonder if this is true. My mother and I are close, so it makes me wonder if I would be even closer to my mother. Another question that I had concerns the doctors who were strongly against C-sections. These doctors also were strongly home-birth. The doctors said that C-section wasn’t safe, and vaginal birth is much safer. However, if vaginal birth is so much safer, why are they pumping all sorts of medicine into the mothers which decreases the safety of the birth of the child?

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