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The Business of Being Born

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When thinking about giving birth, the natural place that comes to mind is in a hospital. Society puts it in our heads that the “norm” for giving birth is in a hospital. Watching The Business of Being Born this movie has shed light on home birth, the complications with hospitals and their priorities. I would never think of any other place to give birth other than a hospital until now. This film has enlightened me on the issues involving hospitals and everything they seem to stand for in regards to child birth.

This film is not the first time I have been told about home birth but it is the only time anyone has shed light on the issues regarding birth. My sister has four children and when having her third child she decided to have a home birth. I was young and totally thought she was insane…No Doctor!!! Knowing what I do now because of this film I understand 100% with her decision. The film uses clips of women in the midst of their home births. The women were courageous and showed their love and desire to have a safe birthing of their children. Ricki Lake, executive producer, even showed her experience with her second child and the home birth she decided on for the both of them.

In society we of course have our “norms”, some more realistic than others. But the norm of hospital birthing is not the best decision. Most countries, besides America, have a majority of their child births in a household environment. Hospitals and doctors are not the ones everyone depends on to tell them what to do. Birth is natural and should not be intercepted with the greed that companies have. Birth has become a money maker in the healthcare industry. An OBGYN is more of a surgeon now than a deliverer. The astonishing statistic that 45% of hospital births end in Cesarean sections is unreal. The doctors are more worried about getting the job done fast instead of nature running its course. A woman’s body is sacred and C-sections can ruin a woman’s figure! Besides that they are not always safe for the child as well as the mother, they involve anesthesia, cutting and the child does not come out of the body the way God intended for them to.

Midwifes are doing a great job and making a difference in society. First off they are not trying to get rich fast of the patients and their child births. Secondly, they are making child birth the least complicated as possible for the child and the mother. Midwifes let nature run its course and when it’s time for an infant to come into the world he or she does. In home births, the mother and child could have complications and possibly need a hospital, but that’s not usual, if so the midwife is reading and willing to transport to a hospital where doctors can take the appropriate measures for the families’ safety. Home birth is criticized to no end but I feel as though it is usually the best decision for the majority of births.

No matter what goes on with healthcare there are always going to be arguments about hospital births and home births. Neither sides will ever be correct but one thing is certain, midwifes are out for the enjoyment and satisfaction of child birth and hospitals are out to replenish the pockets.


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