Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Cheaper Than A Cow by Miranda Kennedy

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Of course after reading Cheaper Than A Cow I was appalled by the fact that people could do such a thing to young girls. Although I was aware that this was occurring. I have heard about these happenings on the news and documentaries. With India’s male population so low, the Indian families and offering to buy young women from poor families. They promise that their daughters will be married and be well off. Unfortunately this is never really the case. Once sold, the young women and basically made into sex slaves and household servants responsible for cooking, cleaning, and performing sexual favors for the families men. That’s sick. Also, the girls are never legally married to the men because that get’s expensive, the girls are normally underage, and it saves the families legal troubles. The girls are also required to give the family a son, if not then she is resold. The sad part is, the girls don’t even complain because in this environment they have food, a nice house, and a “family” with children they must tend to.

Ya know, I understand that India’s population of males is dwindling, but the answer is not aborting female babies or selling innocent women into slavery to produce unwanted children. While I’m disgusted by this, and basically by the Indian male population in general, I honestly have no ideas on how to stop this. Other than for police to put all their efforts into rescuing girls. It’s so sad that this is going on, and from our reading it sounds like the young women that are sold really have no idea when kind of terrible unfortunate situation their in, or do anything to stop it or get away. All I can say is I wish that there was more we could do. 😦


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