Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Who Wants to Marry a Feminist? – Miya-Jervis

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In Miya-Jervis’s article addressing marriage for feminists, she reveals many struggles of feminists most people do not even consider. Feminists are assumed to never want to marry, to be lesbian, to ignore marriage altogether. She says that when she became engaged, many people were shocked that she wasn’t a lesbian. This could be taken offensively by any straight woman. There are many struggles feminists go through that many people never even see.

This article was very eye-opening. It is sad to know that people stereotype literally  every type of person there is. Everyone has their role in society, and people look down upon you if you don’t mold into that stereotype. Feminists are assumed to be lesbians, so they are assumed to not marry. It is actually more often that feminists are straight than gay, but people just have that lesbian image in their heads. Who wants to marry a feminist? Hopefully people in general will wake up and realize that feminists are people just like everyone else and should be treated as such.


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