Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Designer Vaginas/ Davis

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This article was probably one of the most shocking, interesting, and craziest thing I have ever read. I could not believe that some women worry so much about their body and their appearance that they will pay the money and go through the pain of having reconstructive surgery done on their vagina. I think that it is sad that men, the media, and even other females have made such a big deal about appearance and having the perfect body that they will go to this extremity. Why do women have to worry about if their vagina is “normal” or “abnnormal”?
A females vagina is her part and should be her part only. It should not matter if it is perfect or not and it shouldn’t be publicized. I understand that some people make porn and their body is shown, but I also disagree with that and that may be the reason the reconstructive surgery shocks me so much. Nobody should see your private parts besides you and your loved one and the way your vagina is should not matter what so ever.


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