Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“The Business of Being Born”

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“The Business of Being Born” was an amazing and very educational film about homebirths with midwives. To be completely honest, I thought that nobody did homebirths anymore in the United States and that it was very dangerous. I also thought that our survival rates were very high due to the technology and “care” that we receive from a hospital. However, the United States death rates of babies being born are higher than most other countries that have homebirths. So, I was obviously very mixed up with the statistics and the reality of birth in the United States, and the film showed me a lot of things that are sort of hidden from mothers.
The film explains how babies are born in a hospital, and how they are born with a homebirth. The media, news, and several healthcare workers give off this image that homebirths are extremely dangerous and should not be performed in our time. “The Business of Being Born” however, gives the reality of homebirths and actually shows how it is performed by interviewing and showing several women. When a woman is transported to the hospital she is in an unfamiliar and uncomfortable setting trying to one of the most special moments in her life. On the other hand, when women have homebirths, they are in there own house, bed, living room, bathroom or wherever they choose to be and are comfortable. The movie shows how women are in a comfortable environment and don’t have to leave while going into labor, and can freely move around.
Another huge factor that is revealed is the amount of medicine that is given to the mother while in labor. Pitocin was constantly given to the mother to make contractions happen faster and closer together. The film states that a mother is just another bed in the hospital that is there and doctors want her out as soon as possible and in the easiest way. Doctors do not want to put up with long, difficult births so they give drugs that will speed up the process so they can get home to their family as well. I think if healthcare workers had a little more patience and care, more natural births could occur instead of the amount of C-sections performed. A midwife will bring medicines that may need to be used with them; they just wait to use them until it is absolutely necessary.
C-sections are the only choice some mothers have and I absolutely do not think that it is a “bad way” to have your child; however, I think if a mother can have a natural birth and want one, a doctor should not sway her to a C-section because it is the easiest way. I do not think that having your birth done in a hospital is bad or severely dangerous, but I think more care could be given. I also think that some doctors, not all, should focus on the patients wants and needs instead of the doctor not wanting to be there all night. The film just showed me a lot of things that I never knew before watching it. I think a homebirth would be awesome to have to watch happen; however, homebirths are definitely not for me. After watching the video, seeing the arguments the females made, and seeing the statistics, I will make sure that my doctor will understand what I want out of my birthing experience.


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