Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

What We Do For Love/ Weitz

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Before reading this article I never really noticed how many people noticed females hair and how important it is to some people. After I read the article i started paying attention to girls around campus and saw how much they “flip” their hair. I also started recognizing how much I play with my hair when I get bored or nervous. I totally think that Weitz is right about how girls will flip there hair to get a boys attention like in Legally Blonde.
I have long hair myself and play with my hair all the time. However, I never thought that guys payed attention to girls’ hair. My parents are always talking about how pretty long hair is and telling me not to cut it. So, I asked my boyfriend if guys really “check out” hair that much and he went on and on about hair and how it’s one of the first things he looked at. This was an interesting and in a way funny article to read. It was also a nice change from the negative articles that make up a lot of the book.


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