Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Cheaper than a Cow- Miranda Kennedy

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In Cheaper than a Cow Kennedy writes about the trafficking of women across India. A growing trend that has no sign of slowing down. She explains that in India it is common for a family to have a “slave-girl” who will do chores around the house and be passed around from men in the family for sexual needs. This article shocked me, for India to be such a religious and growing country but to have such things as women slaves who they pass around? throughout the article Kennedy explains that the owners feel no remorse that

There are no girls for us to marry, so we bring girls from outside, whats wrong with that?

This was said by a twenty-five year  old living in India. The women population in India is decreasing rapidly because families are aborted girl babies so they can have a male. Many would rather pay for abortions than pay for a girl child. I found this article alarming and disturbing to read. That something that sounds so disturbing is going on today. If India’s government doesn’t change their will be millions of more girls taken advantage of and raped. How can a country such as the US stand for such disturbing things going on? Cant we do something?


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