Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Cheapter than a Cow/ Kennedy

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This article is about how young girls are invovled in trafficking in India. Most poor families sell their daughters off because they believe they are going to be married and have a better life. What is not mentioned to the families is that really their daughters are being sold to a family to become a family sex slave and domestic servant.

Reading this article really saddened me. The way these girsl are being treated is ridiculous. They are being bought from their families for close to little or nothing and being sold for more than what they were bought for. It’s sad that young girls have to go throught this just so they can be used. I believe something really needs to be done about this human trafficking over in India. It’s also sad that they are used to bare only sons and have to have an abortion if the sex of the child is a girl. This is why the ratio of women to men is a problem because they are getting rid of the girls before they are even born.


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