Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Who Wants To Marry A Feminist? by Lisa Miya-Jervis

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The popular stereotype that feminists are lesbians, hate men, or both is addressed in this essay. She talks about marriage’s tarnished history for women and how it has a different meaning now. She says that believing the out-dated ideas about marriage only strengthens those who would hold women back. Another thing she talks about is how despite being married her husband’s life has not eclipsed hers.

The part about a woman saying the author was a “betrayal of feminism” was extremely upsetting to me. It’s one thing to hear the offensive stereotypes from ignorant non-feminists, but to hear it from a feminist is somehow disappointing. It shows a lack of solidarity and understanding. How are we supposed to break the oppressive ideas of “marriage is a man owning a woman” if we don’t try to change it? Reclaim it for what it should be about; love? I thought it was a cute and wonderful idea for her and her husband to both change their last name. I liked this reading and I completely agreed with it.


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