Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Cheaper than a Cow//Kennedy

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This article discussed the story of a girl who was trafficked into a life that she never wanted. Well it tells at least the parts of the story that the family telling, which probably isn’t a lot. Pornita Das  left her home to “marry” into a family that was supposed to provide a better life for her, but all it really did was make her life miserable. This article tells parts of her story and parts of the story of the girl whose place she took.

There were two main things in this article that were strange to me. The first of which was the person who was actually doing the trafficking. When I think of human trafficking, especially girls being sold to be sex slaves, I always think of men selling these girls to other men to make money off women. However, in this situation, the person who is convincing the families to sell their daughters is a woman. The woman is the one who goes into the family houses and tells them of the great life that she has had, and she is the reason that many of these families give up their daughters. I always assumed that other women would see the wrong in this situation like I did, but apparently that is not so. The second thing that was strange to me in this article was the mother-in-law’s role in Pornita’s new life. It seemed like the mother-in-law had trained Pornita to answer any questions asked about her life by saying she was completely happy, and when she was asked about her sickly appearance and sudden lack of kidney, her mother-in-law watched over her as she told everyone that she was just sick. The fact that women could play such major roles in these situations and not realize how horrible it is astounds me.


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