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Who Wants To Marry A Feminist? – Lisa Miya-Jervis

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Most Feminists are seen as man-hating, lesbian hippies who refuse to marry a man because their identity as being “independent” is taken from them. In this article, Lisa Miya-Jervis explains how, although she is a Feminist, she is married to a man and does not agree with this stereotype.

I liked this article because the author explains how times have changed and marriage doesn’t have to be what it was 40 years ago. An equal partnership is not unheard of, and just because you want that doesn’t mean you are an outrageous Feminist. The roles of a relationship should be divided between both parties equally, and each person’s voice should count. That is what Mrs. Miya-Jervis is trying to say. She says, “By and large i do believe that we’re culturally ready to accept changes in the way marriages are viewed.” Marriage no longer has to be the woman staying at home cleaning, cooking, and looking after the children while the man goes to work and “brings home the bacon.” Times have changed, and Lisa Miya-Jervis is a good example of this.

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