Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Who Wants to Marry a Feminist? Lisa Miya-Jervis

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The thought of being of feminist is a hard-core lesbian who hates men. This being the stereotype, feminist come in all shapes and sizes. In this article Lisa Miya-Jervis talks about being a feminist and being married to a man as well. Society has put a persona on the way things should in a marriage, some that should not be. In a marriage I feel as though there should be equal responsibilities placed between a couple but if one enjoys something more than the other go ahead and take hold. I am the first to think that all should remain equal in most besides mine. Since I am a touch of a control freak I do more around the house the my boyfriend. I would rather things be done my way than his and I have to go back over what he did. Some work as a team in task, I would just rather not be slowed down. The thought that men are the bread winners should be late to rest now, it is the 21st century! Everyone can provide for their family not just the male.


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