Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Who Wants to Marry a Feminist- Lisa-Miya Jervis

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In this article the author explains her views on marriage as a feminist. Feminists are stereotyped as “hairy-legged man haters” who see marriage as nothing more than the stealing of a woman’s identity. The author explains how this idea of marriage is not her own.

I really enjoyed this article. I think the author said it perfectly when she said, “Marriage, now, is potentially what we make it.” Marriage no longer has to be what it used to be. Because of the way feminists have fought for years, woman can be in equal partnerships with men or woman instead of the stereotypical marriage we’ve seen and talked about so many times. I loved how she talked about her grandfather asking what her husband would eat while she was gone on a trip, it sounded so much like my grandfather. I know in my relationship, my boyfriend and I are both better at cooking different things, so we both cook. Same goes for cleaning, we share every responsibility. To me that’s how a relationship should be. I loved this article and how she expressed the reason she wanted to get married.



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