Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job By: Bruggink

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This article looks at Leslie Bennett’s book, The Feminine Mistake, and explains that women who think that abandoning their careers when it’s time for children should really reconsider. Their are so many benefits that come with continuing to work, for example women are over all happier, and in better financial and psychological positions. While quitting their jobs may allow them more time as a wife and mother, overall they might terribly regret this decision later. After children mature, they may divorce, loose their husbands, husbands loose their jobs, finances are on a hiatus, etc. Marriage and children is just a small part of a women’s life these days, and studies show that middle aged women with booming career’s are excited about life and their future.

I agree with Bennett, and I’m glad that Bruggink focused on this issue. I cant imagine living my life only to wake up everyday and be a housewife and mother, the idea of relying 100% on my husband financially wouldn’t make me feel good. Contributing to the family finances would make a women feel good and needed. I completely see taking some time off to raise your children till atleast kindergarten, but after that to save yourself from insanity and boredom, I feel like all moms should go back to work. Why work so hard to establish a career to just give it up?

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