Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Wednesday’s Discussion question

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What economic and psychological risks do women take by quitting their jobs to stay at home as full time caregivers to their children?

Women risks feeling like they missed out of their dreams and ideal careers if they decided to become fulltime moms. This could effect a women psychologically by causing depression or even greater psychotic problems which could then effect their children in the long run. Also, if a woman is out of the workforce and is a stay at home mom and then thier husband dies,  leaves them, or their family faces a bad economic  situation and the woman is forced to find a job, it may be very difficult because she may be older and being out of the work force for so long she doesn’t have experience  like other applicants  have. This can also then effect the psychosis of a woman as well; if thier husband left them, that could create depression or another psychological disease and then having to find a job and failing to find or provide for her family could leave a woman feeling worthless and thus create problems as well.

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