Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t give up on your day off/Heidi Bruggine

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Heidi Bruggine is being interviewed by a reporter on the idea of  “femals can work and take care of the home at the same time. There are pros and cons about her philosphy on a working woman.

A woman is perfectly able to work and take care of the home ,yes this is true.The pros of this idea is that with this being done extra income is being brought to the house, less stress put on the husband , or counterpart you share your life with, and the children get the idea of a strong woman.But where I come with a disagreemnt with Heidi Bruggine’s theory is her paragraph “Kids ,of working mothers ,were tying their own shoes up”. If anything, your downing the mothers by saying that because of their presence, the kid will take longer to mature, which is not true.The way she worded the idea it sounds to me that the only reason that theses kids are maturing faster is because they were abandoned  by their mothers, or just taught very fast and had to practice on their on time ,thats all.

Author: closkifbaybe

Hello,My name is Caleb Smith and I like to tell jokes (allll the time),listin to music to get my day started , and I am the only Male in my Women Studies class hahhahaha ,but I am actually enjoying it.

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