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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job – Heidi Bruggink

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This article really focuses on a big aspect of women leaving the workplace to stay home and take care of their children; FINANCES. In the shape that the economy is currently in, Bruggink has a point. Even if you exclude the depression, anxiety, and loneliness many women feel from staying home all day raising the kids, a woman must think about not only her family’s but her own financial situation. The time we are in, the majority of families require two steady incomes just to be able to pay the bare minimum of their bills and put food in the cabinets. Not only that, a woman never knows if she will come face to face with divorce or the death of her husband. How can one recover from this without work? I feel that many women are naive in the belief that nothing bad will ever happen to their family. Women have got to start coming to grasps with reality and not only thinking of their family but also themselves. I have always been told one cannot be happy until that are happy with themselves. This speaks volumes to me. Can a woman truly be happy constantly stuck at home with no income of her own? I couldn’t.


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