Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Women’s work inside and outside of the home

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It is funny that i read this article because in my house it is all flip-floppy in stereotypical terms. This article gives all these estimates and assumptions that this life of house work is done by women alone (well a little percentage to us men). IN MY HOUSE,the kids ,mainly the oldest, do the work around the house, males being the cleanest out of the catergory. My mother o0nly cooks,wash clothes, and provides 100% of the supervision over the house, while my father works, pay bills,and at the same time, will clean and demand a clean house no matter who does the chore.Now when it comes to paid services (work) I do notice difference between how genders are treated,and even though it is completely wrong, men do get the most money, the best jobs, and if your not a white female, then your going to have a hell of a time for real finding a job.


Author: closkifbaybe

Hello,My name is Caleb Smith and I like to tell jokes (allll the time),listin to music to get my day started , and I am the only Male in my Women Studies class hahhahaha ,but I am actually enjoying it.

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