Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job – Bruggnik

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In Heidi Bruggnik’s article, she brings attention to issues that most mothers never even think about. Many women often consider leaving their jobs and careers for a period of time in order to raise their children. Of course, in some homes this is not an option because of the financial blow a family takes when a parent is out of work. It also has psychological, economic, and financial negative effects. She broadly characterizes her book into two areas: warning women about the risk of economic dependency and the benefits of women working.

Something she said that really caught my eye concerning the empowerment of women workers is “women are raised not to brag; blowing one’s own horn is the male model, the Donald Trump model.” This is so true! Men seem to have such a more boastful side when it comes to the workplace. It is much more often to see a man with a high position, and I think this makes them feel very confident in their working ability and leadership skills. Recently, women have been taking many executive positions, though, and I can see such a difference in their pride than in men’s. This article was very interesting to read, and it is definitely relevant to all women.

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