Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Quit Your Day Job//Bruggink

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“Don’t Quit Your Day Job” talked a lot about the downfalls of women quitting their jobs to take care of their children. She mentions reasons ranging from economic reasons to psychological reasons.

In the article, she discusses the fact that women in today’s society feel as though they are not capable of being both mother and working woman, but she says that all of her friends can do it. While I believe this to be true, many women are extremely stressed from the idea of being a working mother. It is possible for some to be a working mother and have a very fulfilling life, but there are many women who cannot handle this kind of stress on their lives especially while the child is still young. Yes, it is going to hurt the family some economically to not have a second income to help the family, but it is also going to hurt the family if they have to pay for a childcare service and antidepressants if the mother finds this too stressful.

Another reason the mother might find this too stressful is that most of society, as Bruggink says in the article, believe women should stay home with the child, and because the mother decides to work, many people might condemn her. This would cause many mothers to have extra stress on their lives that they do not need especially at a time when they are trying to make such a big decision anyway.

I do believe that women can work and raise a family. I do think Bruggink was correct about this, but I also believe that it is not something that every woman can do. Bruggink was correct in saying that woman need to think more about the economic aspects of quitting their jobs to raise a child, but I think she was incorrect in saying that all women should work while raising their children.

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