Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Give Up Your Day Job/ Heidi Bruggink

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It’s covered in the media and in our culture as if it were simply a lifestyle choice. Nobody ever mentions money– the economic risks that women take on by becoming financially dependent on a man.”

This article is about a woman named Leslie Bennett and how she is completely opposed to women giving up their day jobs to be a full time wife, cook, and caregiver for her children. I completely agree with this article. Although it may be ideal for some, or even most women to not return to work after having a child, in this century it is almost impossible to make ends meet while depending solely on the salary of a spouse. What if something happens to this person? I know many women who have lost their husband or gotten divorced and are left with nothing but pieces of their lives to somehow put back together with no money, job, or child care for their child to go to while they do it.  When Bennett was asked, “How did you approach the writing of this book?” she replied, “I interviewed all kinds of women from age seventeen to eighty, and I found that women are horrendously unaware of the risks they’re taking until it’s too late.” Most women think that they are doing the right thing by staying at home and being the full time influence on their kids. This simply isn’t so. It may be great for a child to have that mother figure with them at all times, but what about when something happens financially and this mother cannot provide for her child? It is far too big a risk to take for a woman to not work and be a full time mother.


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