Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Maid to Order – Ehrenreich

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This article by Barbara Ehrenreich addresses the issue of women in the home; women’s role as the main house maid has sparked battles between lovers and spouses over “sticky countertops, piled up laundry, and whose turn it was to do the dishes.” Tradition is somewhat to blame for women’s work overload in the home. It is just understood that the woman cleans and does all housework… simply because she always has. Why change it?

A quote from the article that was eye opening is when Ehrenreich says, “all women were workers, and the home was their workplace- unpaid and unsupervised, to be sure, but a workplace no less than the offices and factories men repaired to every morning.” This is sadly very true! It’s like the woman has to go to work just as a man does but receives no pay. Her work is also usually looked past. It goes unnoticed until the moment she DOESN’T clean something or pick up after someone.


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