Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Cheaper than a Cow – Miranda Kennedy

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I cried reading this article. This here is pure tragedy. Helpless young women and girls being sold off to become sex slaves unbeknown to them or the families that sold them. These women are raped, beaten, and forced to bere children. They are forced to have sex with not only the man who bought them but also any other males in the family. I find it absolutely horrifying that women are being treated this way in India. I cannot imagine being so poor that I would sell my daughter, even if I did think life would be better for her. I definitely feel that the authorities in this country need to begin to act. This is completely unacceptable. Women are people, not animals. In fact, animals should not be treated this way. My prayers and thoughts go out to these poor women. Hopefully they will be able to escape and find peace. This is truly despicable.

Author: meganhackney

I am in my second year at ETSU. I love to have a good time and spend time with the ones I love.

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