Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Feminism, Sex Workers and Human Rights – Alexander

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As a woman and a feminist, I believe that we will never have rights , opportunities, choices, work options, or an income  equivalent to mens unless we can stop being afraid of being either raped or called a “whore”.  As a woman we must watch where and how we walk, talk, and dress, let someone mistake (or claim to have mistaken) our intent.

When Alexander said this it immediately stuck out to me because this is the truth. When a girl is going out for the night she doesn’t consider only what she wants to wear but also how everyone else will translate her outfit. We never want to wear anything that might make us look like “were asking for it” but we definitely try to ride the line between teasing and “asking for it” as a male would say. We all dress to impress or dress how we think others may like. Maybe we go for a sophisticated look, a flirty look, a sensual look. Whatever the occasion women try to dress how they will be comfortable. Most women are more confident when they are dressed to impress. Women will never succeed in becoming equals if we conform and censor ourselves to satisfy men’s wants. Women should be fearless in every aspect of their lives.

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