Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Maid to Order by Barbara Ehrenreich

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In this section  of the book it starts off by talking about different maids and the work they do on a day-to-day basics. It talks about how they clean different houses and how sometimes when they are in the process of cleaning the family that lives there doesn’t even acknowledge their existence. In addition to that, she also talks about how in the pass years women use to clean just clean and had no problem with it. But now women are doing a lot of more things which makes them exhausted when they get home and who wants to clean when they get off of a long day at work? Finally she also talks about how some man have no clue about cleaning and they rather their wife, maid, or even their mom clean for themselves.

This article is a very good section in the book to read. The reason I say that is because it lets everyone know what maids and janitors go through everyday and all the hard work they do for ungrateful people. And sometimes (well most of the time) they don’t even get the right amount of money for everything they do. I like how she says, “Women know [that] housework is dirty, tedious work, and they are willing to pay to have it done. I feel like that could be taking in two ways, the first one they would want someone to clean it for them so they would pay them to clean their house. But the second way it I took it as pay the price and just cleaning theirselves so no one else would have to do it for them. I really enjoyed reading this article and there is nothing I dislike about it.


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