Intro to Women's Studies 2010

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Don’t Give up Your Day Job/Leslie Bennetts on The Feminine Mistake/Bruggink

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while reading this interview; I grew pretty irritated with the “feminist” views of her. Maybe because I did not see my mom have much trouble taking time off from her career to raise 3 children and then go back into the workforce. She also went back to school to get a second degree and started a whole new profession. Although this also may have been easier that my dad was able to support us, but I found it really annoying she almost frowned upon women who make the choice to take time off from their career or make a career decision to quit having another full time job of staying at home. She made it seem like it was a step down to just take care of children and I found it a rather repulsive trait. I may be biased because my parents have truly, and still do, work as a team and find it strange when other couples cannot make their own decisions or won’t help each other out in the same ways my parents have. Yet I do not think that a woman is less of women if they decide to not work while raising their children. I could sit here and call myself a feminist all day long, yet I am not nearly as strong as a women who has given birth and raised a child.. And I feel being a feminist it takes strength like that to sometimes truly understand the powers of being a female. I disliked Bennetts’s views very much and could barely make it through the last page.


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