Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Work It/ Almodovar

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This is an article about a woman that worked as a LAPD Traffic Officer that wanted to be heard. She talked about she was didn’t like her job and how she was treated differently because she was a female. With her job she was all alone and couldn’t carry a weapon for protection. She hated her job because she was never heard so she decided to expose the LAPD  by writing a book and she changed her job to become a prostitute.

I really didn’t like the way she was treated. this article showed how people (mostly men) are sexist towards women in certain ways. It also showed how people degrade certain jobs such as prostitution. Reading this article really upset me in some of the ways. She was involved in a situation on the job where she was attacked by a man twice her size and nothing was done about it. She tried to go to court about it but they did nothing to the man. She pointed out that if it was a man that got attacked the way she did then something would have been done but for her nothing happened. This is what made her change her job just to be heard from the people.  With her job change from a Traffic Officer to a call girl really changed and she really was heard then. She was arrested for what she was doing and also her book was revealed and the LAPD were trying to get rid of it. It’s sad that she had to change her job just to get attention about something and she had to down grade her job just for that. I think it is unfair the things women have to go through just to get a voice.


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