Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Working it/ Norma Jean Almodovar

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I really liked this story because of the background of it. It pisses me off that women are forced to choose to their body, even though she made the decision to be a call girl, because men, even though I am one, could not treat fairly the women they worked with. I am glad she did an expose’ on the LAPD because MOST people believe only righteous behavior  would go on in a police department when that was not the case. I have hear of the down side of prostitution , but actually hearing someone wanting to be in this field is a rarity for me. After reading this article, I did some research of the ought of women in the sex industry and one stripper said she loved it because of how the simple snap of a bra, she has control over all the men in the room. This article is great because it did not depict a sad women battling the life of the streets as usual, but an empowerment like no before her previous lifestyle.


Author: closkifbaybe

Hello,My name is Caleb Smith and I like to tell jokes (allll the time),listin to music to get my day started , and I am the only Male in my Women Studies class hahhahaha ,but I am actually enjoying it.

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