Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Dancing Towards Freedom discussion question

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As we are introduced to the story about a female dancer in a female-ran club as well, Brooks describes the club as female empowering and not intimidating. Further into the reading many racial discriminations show up as a result of her beginning awareness of just how the system works there. She felt a sense of family, they were all dancing, being paid and all having the chance to dance in the private booths. The system of the private booth was that any of the dancers were able to be asked in there (covert) yet, and I believe knowingly, the black dancers would not be asked as much thus making less money.
An overt way that racial discrimination showed up in the club was when Josefine and the other club director decided that no dancer could put up any poster or bring up any politics of the work. This was after Brooks’s petition, yet there was nothing said about the first petition that was ran by another dancer (assumingly white dancer).


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