Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

“Don’t Give Up Your Day Job” Bruggink

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In this article Leslie Bennett talks about the mistakes that women make to have a child and how society tries to convince mothers that their is no way that they can have a child and work at the same time. I understand where Bennett is coming from because I could not imagine being stuck in a house all day doing the same exact thing. Another huge deciding factor would be finances. It would be extremely risky to quit your job and depend on one imcome.
However, I also understand why some mothers choose to give up there job. If I had a college degree and something to fall back on, my husband made enough money, and we both agreed on me raising our child until it’s teen years then I would definitely do it. I would also find other mothers that raised their child also and make times to get together or take turns having the children so I was not overwhelmed with doing the same thing everyday.

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