Intro to Women's Studies 2010

etsu: 2011-2014

Feminism, Sex Workers, and Human Rights/Alexander

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This article made me realize just how little I know about a lot of unfair human rights that deal with women. Its disgusting when articles like this one glorify or point out just how much laws are written and enforced by males or more like, how they aren’t reinforced for women’s rights as much as they should be. Its crazy to think that not that many rapes that are reported, be it against a prostitute or not, rarely go anything beyond being reported. The people who commit this crime are rarely found and sent to jail. Also, this article points out so many double standards (how a man in a different country could report or say that this woman is the one who gave him an std yet they refuse to act if a woman reports rape). Its irritating to read such weird double standards. Although its a difficult topic to argue for it it is hard to say what is right and wrong. However, this article opened up my eyes to the way that human rights work in the field of sexuality.


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